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 (pə-ro͞os′, po͞o-)
A river of east-central Peru and western Brazil flowing about 3,380 km (2,100 mi) generally northeast to the Amazon River.


(Spanish puˈrus ; Portuguese puˈruʃ)
(Placename) a river in NW central South America, rising in SE Peru and flowing northeast to the Amazon. Length: about 3200 km (2000 miles)


(Sp. puˈrus; Port. pʊˈrus)

a river in NW central South America, flowing NE from E Peru through W Brazil to the Amazon. 2000 mi. (3200 km) long.
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Noun1.Purus - a Brazilian river; tributary of the Amazon River
Brasil, Brazil, Federative Republic of Brazil - the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter
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Para las mismas fechas en el departamento oriental de Santa Cruz vivia solamente el 7% de la poblacion y 14% hacia 1900 incluyendo las poblaciones de Santa Cruz, Beni, Madre de Dios y Purus.
Las pocas tribus peruanas que se mencionan -los kulinas, que hablan arawak, y los kashinawas, que hablan gano- son pequenas, estan relativamente aisladas y situadas a lo largo del rio Purus.
55 km2 que comprende cuatro provincias, que son: Atalaya (Atalaya), Coronel Portillo (Pucallpa), Padre Abad (Aguaytia) y Purus (Puerto Esperanza) y 15 distritos.
He's currently experimenting with Purus, an organic wheat vodka introduced last fall.
Desta forma, aplicando os referenciais de Paisagem e Cultura na comunidade indigena Apurina, localizada no municipio de Labrea (AM), no medio rio Purus, foi possivel analisar os valores desta comunidade perante a paisagem.
In the preceding decades, it did no more than give medals to a few Amazon researchers: William Chandless, after whom a long headwater of the Purus is named; the New Yorker Dr Alexander Hamilton Rice, who explored rivers of the northern Amazon; the eccentric Colonel Percy Fawcett, who later died searching for extraterrestrial cities in Brazilian forests; and the great woodsmen-humanitarians Orlando and Claudio Villas Boas, and more recently Sydney Possuelo--all of whom combined championing the rights of indigenous peoples with extraordinary explorations of Amazon forests.
Bud parent Anheuser-Busch is launching its own superpremium organic vodka brand, Purus, continuing its recent trend of branching out beyond domestic beer.
The indigenous group - which has not yet been identified - was photographed and filmed in mid-September along the sandy banks of the Las Piedras River in the Alto Purus National Park, near the Brazilian border.
During research among Deni Indians in the Purus River region of Brazil, I was astonished to find highly individualistic practices of food production and labor in a hunting and slash-and-burn farming village of eighty-six people.
Whitehead again, if I remember rightly, attributes this utter actuality, actus purus, to the words of Christ (either Symbolism or Religion in the Making).
Es la risa de las risas, la risus purus, la risa que se rie de la risa, la revelacion, la reverencia ante la broma suprema, en una palabra la risa que se rie --silencio, por favor-- de lo desdichado" (Watt).