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See Busan.


(Placename) the former name (until 2000) of Busan



a seaport in SE South Korea. 3,813,814.
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Noun1.Pusan - a city in southeastern South Korea on the Korean Strait; the chief port and second largest city
Republic of Korea, South Korea - a republic in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948
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Contract awarded for Pusan national university administration, Landscape environment improvement and 1 other project
94 per cents take in Pusan Newport Company Limited (PNC) in South Korea from Samsung Corporation and Subsidiaries to increase its holding in PNC to66.
Summary: Dubai-based global marine terminal operator DP World acquired an additional 24% stake in Pusan Newport Company Limited (PNC) in South Korea from Samsung Corporation & Subsidiaries.
THE FIRST rays of the rising sun strike the Philippines on a 40-foot high rock promontory known as Pusan Point, which faces the Pacific Ocean, in Caraga, Davao Oriental province.
Pusan, Safar 19, 1436, Dec 11, 2014, SPA -- South Korea's President Park Geun Hye called Thursday
Those are the words that the stout American general, who carried the look of a pugnacious bulldog, shouted as he moved frantically among his troops desperately trying to stop communist North Korean troops determined to breach the last line of American and South Korean defense along the Pusan perimeter.
By midsummer, the North Koreans had succeeded in overrunning all but the southeastern corner to the peninsula, where US Army and South Korean troops had dug in along what became known as the Pusan Perimeter.
Sona received her bachelor's and master's degrees from the Pusan National Fisheries University, and her doctorate degree from Clark University.
lines of communication expanded and contracted from Pusan to the Chinese border and back, the men unofficially called the fighting that first year "Operation Yo-Yo.
He focuses on the battalions, companies, and platoons to detail how the 1st Brigade participated in an effort by US and South Korean forces in 1950 to turn back the North Korean invasion of the Republic of Korea, and how contrary to marine lore, they did not save the US 8th Army, which had been pushed back to the Pusan Perimeter at the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula.
ClickPress, Fri Feb 04 2011] Over three days, from 18th to 20th March, the Pusan West Film Festival 2011 will be a collection of the most prominent work from Korean directors and producers featuring a mixture of modern and classical genres.
Reviewed at Pusan Film Festival (World Cinema), Oct.