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Noun1.Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)    
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Alongside the national and international growth of the core brands Berentzen and Puschkin in the traditional Spirits segment, innovative products from the Non-alcoholic Beverages segment, where Berentzen is focusing on the megatrend of health consciousness with healthy and environmentally sustainable beverages, are boosting revenues and earnings.
As he later recorded in his essay on "Gluck eines Gefangenen mit Puschkin und mit Steinen" (Zeitschrift fur Kulturaustausch 37 [1987], 87-92) it was this activity that provided him with the only happiness he enjoyed in captivity apart from the satisfaction of splitting timber accurately.
La unica obra de Aleksandr Puschkin (Lafille du capitaine [La hija del capitan]) presente en la Biblioteca se encuentra en una coleccion bilingue ruso-frances.
1, Caraion & Ierunca 1947; 1026 exemplars; contributions by Tudor Arghezi, Ion Barbu, Lucian Blaga, Geo Bogza, Andre Breton, Ion Caraion, Paul Celan, Cervantes, Petru Comarnescu, Robert Desnos, Mihai Eminescu, Sergey Iessenin, Zoltan Franyo, Benjamin Fondane, Jean Laforgue, Henri Michaux, Eugenio Montale, Christian Morgenstern, Alexandru Philippide, Alexander Puschkin, Salvatore Quasimodo, R.
A partir de 1887, durante los dos anos en que se dedico a la exportacion de nueces y otros frutos de la tierra, continuo con su instruccion: "Mis tareas comerciales me permitian escapadas a la Biblioteca, lo que me permitio seguir frecuentando a mis autores favoritos: Puschkin, Gogol, Lermontov.
If you're looking to splurge, Caf Puschkin boasts an extended variety of high-class Russian cuisine.
A friend in Germany working in an ad agency helped him get his first acting job in a TV advert for Puschkin Vodka.