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 (pyo͞o′zē-ĭz′əm, pyo͞o′sē-)

[After Edward Bouverie Pusey.]

Pu′sey·ite′ (-īt′) n.
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No Puseyite,[1] or conservative of any school, was ever more inflexibly attached to time-honored inconveniences than Dinah.
Deathly afraid of Roman Catholic resurgence and of the Puseyite party in the Church of England, supporters of the Evangelical Alliance favored pan-Protestant rapprochement and the practice of sacramental fellowship on the basis of minimal doctrinal consensus.
226); the "Puseyite movement" and consequent "Tractarian & Roman hierarchies" or "'Papal aggression'" in England in 1850 (pp.
A fine example of an Episcopal debate over the use of the cross can be found in the pamphlet Puseyite Developments, or Notices of the New York Ecclesiologists.
Russell was troubled less by "papal aggression" per se, "insolent and insidious" as it was, than by Puseyite forces within the Church of England that were quietly restoring all manner of Roman Catholic practices to the national church and thereby leading their unwitting flocks to the edge of the precipice.
It is hardly surprising that Crabb Robinson grew increasingly alarmed at Wordsworth's Puseyite drift.
Charlotte commented sardonically on Willie Weightman's High Church views on the Apostolic Succession and her father had temperedly branded Arthur Bell Nicholls, a Puseyite. Even the moderate Joseph Brett Grant came in for his share of criticism.