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Noun1.Pushan - celestial shepherd god; conductor of souls of the dead
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trade liberalization has had, see Pushan Dutt et al., The Effect of WTO
The choreography of the show is by Longinus Fernandes and Pushan Kripalani has been roped in for the show direction.
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India's SBI General Insurance has appointed Pushan Mahapatra as its new managing director and chief executive officer, the Press Trust of India has reported.
Morpho-tectonic evidences of Zagros tear faults, applicable for determination and segmentation of Sabz pushan fault zone (Iran)", Abst., 3lth Int.
Sri Lankan Pushan, 27, a five-star hotel chef in Dubai, seemed to have been "hypnotised" into buying numerous phone recharge cards even as his relatives warned him about the scam.
First is the Nishapur and Sabz Pushan Gallery, containing intricate stucco panels carved with abstract designs and excavated by Met-sponsored expeditions to these important medieval Iranian sites.
The next gallery, entitled 'Excavations at Nishapur and the Sabz Pushan Site', touches on the Met's historic involvement with archaeology, in this case the Iranian Expedition digs of 1935 to 1947.
See Pushan Dutt & Devashish Mitra, Political Ideology and Endogenous Trade Policy: An Empirical Investigation, (NBER Working Paper Series Working Paper 9239, 2002), http://www.nber.org/papers/w9239.pdf.