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Variant of Pashto.
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(ˈpʌʃ toʊ)

also Push•tu


the Iranian language of the Pashtuns: an official language of Afghanistan.
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'Otherwise' - this was in Pushtu for decency's sake -'thou wouldst have ended thy meditations upon the sultry side of Hell - being an unbeliever and an idolater for all thy child's simplicity.
'What is the prayer?' said the lama, as the rough Pushtu rumbled into the red beard.
Noor left his suicide note in a video message in Pushtu that his brother Akbar always maltreated his mother and he was responsible for her death.
Smast means "cave" in Pushtu. The Gazetteer of the Peshawar District (1897-1898) states that "the name [Kashmir Smast] may be derived from the fact that the gorge here is fairly and picturesquely wooded, and this may have suggested Kashmir".
Ethe', Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindustani and Pushtu manuscripts, vol.
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Syed Nurul Haq Quadri was the chief guest and spoke in Pushtu while addressing the guests.
DG PNCA Jamal Shah lauding the contribution of the Pushtu folk artist, said that PNCA arranged a event to pay tribute to the services of folk singer in the field of folk singing.
Abdul Qadir Khan was a qualified teacher of Pushtu and Urdu and had passed the necessary examinations held by the board of examiners appointed by the Government of India.
Sindhi, Pushtu and Balochi languages are not considered as tag languages on the users like Punjabi which is a tag Language for the people of the lower class.
He only understands Pushtu and is quite slow in processing things.
PESHAWAR -- Popular Pushtu singer Ghazal Jawed murder case's key character, her former husband, was formally charge sheeted in a local court of Friday.