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Variant of Pashto.


(ˈpʌʃ toʊ)

also Push•tu


the Iranian language of the Pashtuns: an official language of Afghanistan.
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Otherwise' - this was in Pushtu for decency's sake -'thou wouldst have ended thy meditations upon the sultry side of Hell - being an unbeliever and an idolater for all thy child's simplicity.
said the lama, as the rough Pushtu rumbled into the red beard.
The popularity of Old Church Slavic is waning - only 73 enrollments last year compared to 133 in 2006 - while New Testament Greek rocketed from zero enrollments in 2006 to 95 last year, just like Afghan Pushtu.
The focus on a potentially disastrous long war against the Taliban and their Pushtu sympathizers in Helmand province in Afghanistan is already moving to negotiations and an exit strategy.
The formidable collection of Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Pushtu manuscripts and albums of miniatures built up by the literate and art-loving Nawabs of Rampur is a major holding of source material for students of Arabic and Persian literature and of Mughal and Later Mughal painting in this country.
citizens who could speak Farsi, Pushtu, Dari, Turkmen, Urdu or Uzbek," writes Rashid.
Languages: Urdu (national and official), English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushtu, Baloch, Hindko, Brahui, Saraiki (Punjabi variant).