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or Push•tun


n., pl. -tuns, (esp. collectively) -tun.
a member of a people of S Asia, living mainly in E and S Afghanistan and adjacent parts of Pakistan, esp. the Northwest Frontier Province.
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Noun1.Pushtun - a member of the mountain people living in the eastern regions of AfghanistanPushtun - a member of the mountain people living in the eastern regions of Afghanistan; "Pathans are the predominant ethnic group in Afghanistan"
Afghanistani, Afghan - a native or inhabitant of Afghanistan
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If only the Pushtun militias had captured the Srinagar airport in 1947, we were told; if only we had taken Occupied Kashmir during the 1962 Sino-Indian war; if only the Indians had not crossed the international border in 1965; if only 'victory' would not have been lost in Tashkent in 1966; if only the Kargil operation had been better planned with clearer objectives; if only the Musharraf formula for settlement of the LoC had been accepted - and if only Modi had not ripped apart Article 370 and re-occupied Occupied Kashmir.
Without mentioning a press conference of Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor in which he had hinted at a possible action against the PTM, she said that similar to a statement issued on Monday, the government would soon come up with its own comprehensive stance on the Pushtun ethnic rights movement.
To say that Pakistan Army's pre-eminence lies at the heart of Pakistan's troubles and that it has defined and defended ideology in destructive ways, assuming the responsibility of defending Islam and has promoted the doctrine of persecution and paranoia by raising the bogey of security threats to the country which has also led to insurgencies in Balochistan and Pushtun areas, is yet another misconceived suggestion.
Left to Trump, he would allow the hardline Pushtun Taleban to take over the country as US troops departed.
A PTM leader, Saleem Khan, explained that Manzoor Pashteen had gone to offer Fateha as Captain Karnal Sher Khan was a hero of the Pushtun and was considered an icon among the youth.
The opposing merging of FATA with KP by the two parties after committee recommendations is not loyalty with Pushtun people.
PESHAWAR: A two-day career fair that ended on Thursday will encourage women to expand their work horizons in traditionally male-dominated Pushtun society, organizers believe.
While Al-Qaeda's fighters can be killed and defeated, the Taliban, belonging to the Afghan Pushtun majority, cannot be wiped out.
Participants cited historical background of the Durand Line, which was not accepted by Afghans living on both sides of the line who are all Pushtun, divided by Colonial Power of Britain in 1893.
Pakistan has a history of troubled relations with the Pushtun nationalists because of their support for Pushtunistan as well as with northern alliance because of their anti-Taliban stance which highlights how the statecraft or the government in place affects the relations.
Taliban rebels attacked an Afghan National Army (ANA) helicopter after it made an emergency landing in territory under Taliban control in Pushtun Kot district.
Just as hostages don't move around outside so that spy cameras can observe them, so too in gender-segregated Pushtun society, women are often immured at home and so the CIA or US military who are running the drones do not know if they are in the sights.