Put case

formerly, an elliptical expression for, put or suppose the case to be.

See also: Put

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We've started to put case managers in our emergency room to keep people out of (being admitted to) the hospital," said Dr.
We basically reinstituted the program we had in place that the Legislature funded in 2011, that allows us to put case managers online and senior judges and case managers online to manage the backlog.
This allows him to keep the focus on the legal analysis and put case law into the greater context of counterterrorism policies, rather than dwell on the personal stories of the suspects or their victims.
He said: "I'm going to put case forward because I know at end of day that no one will have the balls to make the decision.
According to Smith, most college marketing textbooks put case studies in appendices, rather than integrating them throughout the book.
Walsh also indicated that third and fourth quarter comparisons at Case would be positive, however he said that additional production cuts at Case would put third quarter earnings at Case "under severe pressure" and the production costs, combined with Case's first quarter loss of $77 million, would put Case into a loss position for the year.
ATTORNEY-general Costas Clerides said yesterday investigations into the causes of the economic collapse, that started in July, were already at an advanced stage, as he warned anew that parliamentary probes into the matter may put cases at risk.
THE government's latest attack on working people is to bring in exorbitant charges that people have to pay to put cases in front of an employment tribunal.
I know how the police and State's attorneys put cases together," said Mr.
A police spokesman said: "It is our role to put cases before the courts; clearly it is the court's role to decide on a verdict.
In the past, it has proved difficult for the Human Rights Council to put cases before the General Assembly with a view to having them considered by the Security Council.