Put case

formerly, an elliptical expression for, put or suppose the case to be.

See also: Put

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I do remember threshing crews, but tractors with gasoline engines had long since put Case, Rumely and Frick engines out to pasture.
Instead of picking off pallets and putting the pallets in the air, we decided to put case flow in the air and make them fixed locations."
But, instead of picking off pallets and putting them up in the storage system, Smart & Final chose to put case flow "up in the air," as he says, "and make them fixed locations."
Organized by Threshermen volunteers Duane Madson and Lynn Wenell, the event put Case steam engines and early tractors to work in the field, alongside modern Case tractors like the Case IH Steiger 620 QuadTrac.
"We've started to put case managers in our emergency room to keep people out of (being admitted to) the hospital," said Dr.
We basically reinstituted the program we had in place that the Legislature funded in 2011, that allows us to put case managers online and senior judges and case managers online to manage the backlog."
This allows him to keep the focus on the legal analysis and put case law into the greater context of counterterrorism policies, rather than dwell on the personal stories of the suspects or their victims.
He says that another way the government can ensure better data quality is to put case studies that show examples of best practices on the stimulus website (www.recovery.gov) as examples to follow.
He said: "I'm going to put case forward because I know at end of day that no one will have the balls to make the decision.
A police spokesman said: "It is our role to put cases before the courts; clearly it is the court's role to decide on a verdict.'' FULL STORY: PAGE 5