Putative father

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one who is presumed to be the father of an illegitimate child; the supposed father.

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The law enables a putative father or legal guardian to attempt to interfere with a woman's constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy.
She admitted six relatives of her supposed mother, Victoria Rodriguez and three relatives of her putative father, Paquito Montanez have undergone DNA tests the results of which are expected to be known anytime in January.
The guardian court is directed to recall the dismissal order passed by it and thereafter consider the appellant's application for guardianship expeditiously without requiring notice to be given to the putative father of the child," the SC said.
981(a)(6), Motion for Search of Putative Father Registry;
had registered with the Indiana Putative Father Registry.
2012), Ethical issues in the use of putative father registries in infant adoption: Implications for administrators and practitioners.
BerlusconiOs bizarre behavior, its putative father.
His putative father, Paul, is an amusing personality.
The works of Giraldi, Cartari, and Conti eclipsed the Genealogie, but Milton still put Boccaccio's Demogorgon (the putative father of all the ancient gods) into his Hell and Shelley includes this same figure, who in fact was an invention of Boccaccio's, as a character in Prometheus Unbound.
011 allows an unmarried, pregnant woman to bring a paternity action, the statute is silent as to whether a putative father can bring the same action before a child is born because Ch.
Women became central to the second stage of the process, when, at the birth, the mother-to-be would name the putative father of her child before her midwife.
Alfie, the putative father, was allowed to live ferally, sleeping with friends overnight.

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