Putative father

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one who is presumed to be the father of an illegitimate child; the supposed father.

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She had conveyed the jigsaw scraps to her room, locked the door, and spent illicit hours recreating the putative father. He was a stunning blond; really, his hair was sensational, you'd have thought it was dyed, she reflected, matching the bits of him so that his reconstituted self stood now beside a glowing red-brick church, now on a bridge, beneath Neptune and his trident, now in a black leather belted coat, legs astride, arms folded, head bare, beside a heavy monument with twin spires.
She argued that there was nothing in the law granting such rights in favor of the putative father of an illegitimate child.
The Supreme Court granted a petition for discretionary review.<br />Lock, box, and too little evidence<br />Under state law, a putative father's consent is needed for adoption only if he has, among other things, provided reasonable support for the mother or child, consistent with his means.
Rosliza sought several court orders, including a declaration that she was born illegitimate and Yap Ah Mooi who was a Buddhist was her natural mother; as well as a declaration that the putative father of an illegitimate child does not fall under the definition of 'parents' in the interpretation of 'Muslim' in Section 2 of the Administration of the Religion of Islam (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003.
had joined the Florida Putative Father's Registry, and obtained an affidavit from the estranged husband, the Fourth DCA noted that he had failed, after 18 months, to get a DNA test.
In parenthood testing, the difference at inheritable genetic marker loci between the putative father and the offspring is attributed to nonbiological paternity and therefore leads to exclusion of biological paternity.
Her reference to 'a young priest' as the putative father, for example, is expanded upon to expose how the sexual transgressions of the clergy were typically concealed by the ecclesiastical courts, and to highlight how the paternal figure was largely excluded from early modern investigations of infanticides (p.
The law enables a putative father or legal guardian to attempt to interfere with a woman's constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy.
and the latter's son Ronald Allan Poe, also known as Fernando Poe Jr., who is Senator Poe's putative father.
She admitted six relatives of her supposed mother, Victoria Rodriguez and three relatives of her putative father, Paquito Montanez have undergone DNA tests the results of which are expected to be known anytime in January.
"The guardian court is directed to recall the dismissal order passed by it and thereafter consider the appellant's application for guardianship expeditiously without requiring notice to be given to the putative father of the child," the SC said.
Charities after the agency failed to identify that the putative father

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