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From the age-old semolina porridge known as putelis to today's alternative, debesmanna cranberry mousse.
Arrest warrant served, 65 Plainfield Ave., Arrest: David Putelis, of 65 Plainfield Ave., Shrewsbury, charged with a warrant.
putelis is incorporated parenthetically in the middle of the sentence.(23) For analogous ellipses in Livy, cf.
Putelis, 56, of 65 Plainfield Ave., Shrewsbury, charged with violation of an abuse prevention order, continued to July 21 on $500 cash bail.
Putelis, 55, of 65 Plainfield Ave., Shrewsbury, charged with a warrant.
Putelis, 55, of 65 Plainfield Ave., Shrewsbury, arrested on a warrant.
Worcester: Rachael Bagwell, Jessica Banta, Shawna Lyhne Clifford, Jennifer Cormier, Kayla Cortes, Angela Cote, Debra Dalbec, Tim Donahue, Matthew Hopkins, Laurie Kalil, Astrid Kristiansson, Megan Lapierre, Alexandra Martinez, Jennifer McKenzie, Salonee Parikh, Javani Preko, Katelyn Putelis, Tara Robidoux, Yvonne Rosario, Katelyn Shaw, Adrienne Sicard, Kenyi Suarez, Kristina Sulkoski, Clarissa Vazquez, Katherine Vinson, Samantha Wronski, Brian Zielinski and Pamela Zukauskas
Shrewsbury: Christopher Chevalier, Hong Ho, Kayla McKay, Taylin O'Coin, Katelyn Putelis and Rebecca Weinstein.
Shrewsbury: Christopher Chevalier, Lauren Golato, Hong Ho, Taylin O'Coin and Katelyn Putelis.
Goodrich; a son; a daughter; her mother, Ursula Labonte; and her brother, both of Arizona; and two sisters, including Heide Putelis of Shrewsbury.
Goodrich, all of Florida; her mother, Ursula Labonte, and her brother, Paul Labonte, both of Arizona, and two sisters, Heide Putelis of Shrewsbury and Betty Messina of Worcester.
Class members at the reunion were Wilbur Day of New York, Geneva (Wysocki) Putelis of Shrewsbury, Rafaella "Ray" Lorito of Shrewsbury, Mary Layden of Shrewsbury, Evelyn (Nordwell) Berg of Northboro, Belton Wall of Shrewsbury, Franklin Cushman of North Grafton, Lenore (Marston) White of Shrewsbury and Mary (Ricker) Perry of Northboro.