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A city of southern Italy west of Naples on the Bay of Pozzuoli, a section of the Bay of Naples. The city was founded by Greek exiles c. 529 bc and was an important commercial center during the Roman Empire.


(Italian potˈtswɔːli)
(Placename) a port in SW Italy, in Campania on the Gulf of Pozzuoli (an inlet of the Bay of Naples): in a region of great volcanic activity; founded in the 6th century bc by the Greeks. Pop: 78 754 (2001)


(pɒtˈswoʊ li)

a seaport in SW Italy, near Naples. 70,350.
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Das letzte Kapitel ist der--in Puteoli angesiedelten--Begegnung mit dem Redelehrer Agamemnon gewidmet und stellt so den Anschluss an den erhaltenen Petrontext her.
Archaeologists will conduct fieldwork in situ at eight of the 31 ports, surveying sites with the latest geophysical techniques (similar to underground scanning) at Ephesus, Pitane and Kane in Turkey; Gades and Tarraco in Spain; Portus and Puteoli in Italy and Utica in Tunisia.
118, cree que todo el episodio de Crotona "is placed in a less realistic setting than the events centring on Puteoli, presumably because Petronius was less familiar with the area and because his satire here is of a more literary and far fetched nature than heretofore" y G.
En la configuracion de los gustos esteticos de los consumidores, inducidos o no por los agentes de comercio o por los propios officinatores, se advierten mecanismos analogos que Balil (1961: 290-291) expresaba del siguiente modo: "Por lo que sabemos, la terra sigillata hispanica se desarrolla en un mundo provincial, paraclasico, no influido por el ideario estetico neoatico o pergamenico que vemos en Arezzo, Puteoli o en la zona norte de Italia"; y anade que la misma "se desarrolla en un mundo cuya estetica no es organica sino abstracta, cuyo arte no aspira ni a la narracion ni a la ilustracion, sino eminentemente a la decoracion en cuanto es ornamento".
Puzol, en italiano Pozzuoli, corresponde efectivamente a la antigua Puteoli, ciudad importante en la epoca romana, y citada por Estrabon (5, 246) como puerto para el embarque del azufre, que se sacaba de las vecinas azufreras.
14) Carney (note 4) 23-24 refers to the period following the praetorship in a way that implies prior connections with the publicani: 'Marius, now a prominent member of a group of wealthy businessmen with connections in Puteoli in Southern Italy, came to be of such importance amongst the publicani .
Later in Acts Paul discovers brothers (Christians) in Puteoli, the port city on the bay of Naples (Acts 28:14), while Christians come from Rome to escort him into the city from the Forum of Appius and the Three Taverns (Acts 28:15).
159) Shippers sailed north from Egypt to Phoenician and north Syrian ports, where Eastern Sigillata A was produced, and thence to Puteoli.
The city of Puteoli provided a public official, the manceps, who supplied equipment for punishment to owners, and would even conduct the torture himself for a small fee.
The only letter mentioning the possibility of circulating Cicero's works among provincial Italians concerns Cicero's Campanian friend and business-manager Vestorius of Puteoli, but in this passage Cicero does not treat the opportunity seriously.