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A city of southern Italy west of Naples on the Bay of Pozzuoli, a section of the Bay of Naples. The city was founded by Greek exiles c. 529 bc and was an important commercial center during the Roman Empire.


(Italian potˈtswɔːli)
(Placename) a port in SW Italy, in Campania on the Gulf of Pozzuoli (an inlet of the Bay of Naples): in a region of great volcanic activity; founded in the 6th century bc by the Greeks. Pop: 78 754 (2001)


(pɒtˈswoʊ li)

a seaport in SW Italy, near Naples. 70,350.
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Archaeologists will conduct fieldwork in situ at eight of the 31 ports, surveying sites with the latest geophysical techniques (similar to underground scanning) at Ephesus, Pitane and Kane in Turkey; Gades and Tarraco in Spain; Portus and Puteoli in Italy and Utica in Tunisia.
Pepper, citrus fruit and some pulses were probably imported, perhaps channelled though the port of Puteoli.
14) Carney (note 4) 23-24 refers to the period following the praetorship in a way that implies prior connections with the publicani: 'Marius, now a prominent member of a group of wealthy businessmen with connections in Puteoli in Southern Italy, came to be of such importance amongst the publicani .