Putting stone

a heavy stone used in the game of putting.

See also: Putting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They accused that contractor company in connivance of black sheep in WASA was putting stone on the pipeline being buried in two feet deep in earth that would also cause breakage of the pipeline.
"More and more consumers are putting stone into their homes, which means good business for our offering.
Samson's Putting Stone on top of hill near Callander by Dave MacDonald, Callander.
Raqqa, Northeastern Syria-(SANA)-Al-Thawra Nature Reserve expands over an area of 590 hectares andAais one of the most important tourist attractions in the northeastern Syrian Raqqa Province due to its moderate wet climate and its archeological monuments such as Jaabar Castle.Raqqa Agricultural Directorate has taken many measures to invest theAaNature Reserve as a tourist attraction such as breeding deer, afforesting the arid zones and putting stone chairs and umbrellas in the reserve .
Sub officer Mick Williams said: "The recladding is done by putting stone cladding on top of polystyrene insulation.
Putting stone cladding on the walls of your Victorian terrace may increase its appeal to you...but could knock thousands off its value when you want to sell!
The man, who had been walking to Samson's Putting Stone, on Bochastle Hill, near Kilmahog, was descending back down the trail when he slipped and badly injured his lower leg.
However, those already operating their vans on the routes forcibly stopped the new bus service and blocked the Rawalpindi-Kotli Road along with link roads to different villages by putting stones and green pine trees on the roads after illegally chopping them.
"We tried our best to drive out by deflating the tyres, putting stones under the wheels and removing sand from around the tyres.
Large number of students appeared on the Pak-Afghan bypass highway and blocked the road for all kind of vehicle movement by putting stones on the road.
For instance, a captive rook realised that by putting stones one by one into a container of water too narrow to get its beak into, it could raise the level of water until it could reach food that was floating upon the water's surface!
A source at Sweida Police Command told SANA that "an armed group on Sunday evening closed the western highway to the north of Sweida city through putting stones on it in a place that is difficult to see and they opened fire towards the passing cars to force them to stop."
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