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abbreviation for
1. (Art Terms) (in Britain) Institute of Contemporary Arts
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) International Cooperation Administration


(ˈiːsɑː; Portuguese iˈsa)
(Placename) the Brazilian part of the river Putumayo


(ˌpu tuˈmɑ yɔ)

a river in NW South America, flowing SE from S Colombia into the Amazon in NW Brazil. 900 mi. (1450 km) long. Portuguese, Içá.
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The centennial of the Putumayo Scandal will probably not be remembered by many people this year, either on the banks of the Putumayo River, where the trouble began, or at the London Stock Exchange and the British House of Parliament, where it grew into an international cause celebre.
All that made complete sense to a people who, from time immemorial, had guarded the source of the grand Putumayo River, revering the forests and the paramos of that incomparably beautiful region of Colombia.
Only the long green teeth of the Amazon jungle gnawing on the muddy brown paws of the Putumayo River.