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A massif of northwest Wales. Rising to 1,085 m (3,560 ft), it is the highest elevation in Wales.


(Placename) a mountain in NW Wales, in Gwynedd: the highest peak in Wales. Height: 1085 m (3560 ft). Welsh name: Yr Wyddfa


(Biography) 1st Earl of, title of Antony Armstrong-Jones. born 1930, British photographer, whose work includes television documentaries, photographic books, and the design of the Snowdon Aviary, London Zoo (1965). His marriage (1960–78) to Princess Margaret ended in divorce


(ˈsnoʊd n)

a mountain in NW Wales: highest peak in Wales. 3560 ft. (1085 m).
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A video of the pair struggling up the Pyg track on Snowdon on Friday was shared on social media.
Harvey's mum, Mandy, said: "It took Harvey six-and-a-half hours and he completed the PYG track (the shortest way up the mountain).
The trip up Snowdon, which is 1,085 metres above sea level, was led by Judy Rowland and Ben Walker, walking up the Pyg track and returning down the Llanberis track.
The charity walk will see Lisa and her team of friends, family members and work colleagues climb the Pyg track and walk down the Miners track - a total of 7.
It was still chilly as we set off from Snowdon base camp at Peny-y-Pass on the long haul up the Pyg Track above Llanberis Valley.
I was is 1,085m (3,560ft) high The Pyg Track is pretty straightforward, with occasional boulders to make things interesting.
Only yesterday, a 45-year-old man was winched aboard an RAF rescue helicopter and flown to hospital at Bangor after breaking his ankle while descending Snowdon on the challenging Pyg Track.
People can join one of two routes up Snowdon, the Llanberis route or PYG track.
The walkers are expected to take the well-known Pyg Track - which starts at 1,000 feet - up to the summit of Snowdon.
The first was to reports of shouts heard on the Pyg track which proved to be a false alarm.
The Pyg Track and the Miners' Track are routes to the summit of which mountain?
On a personal level I had the privilege meeting Mr Roberts, John, on several occasions during briefings prior to our ascent up over the Crib Coch via the Pyg track including several alternative testing climbs in quite difficult conditions.