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n.1.(Anat.) The passage between the iter and optocœle in the brain.
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And when we eventually arrived, we parked up at our campsite home for the next fortnight - perched at the edge of Europe's biggest sand dune at Pyla sur Mer, just outside the chic Atlantic resort of Archachon.
the Great Dune of Pyla on France's Atlantic coast is the biggest dune north of the Sahara
Ethnic Greeks and Turks have lived together for centuries in Pyla, staying through the long years of communal violence, the 1974 fighting and a quarter century of partition.
Media outlets reported that Leonides was at a time a suspect in connection with the March 2016 assassination of Giorgos Georgiou, aka Chiquito, in the buffer-zone village of Pyla.
Europe's biggest sandcastle, the towering Dune de Pyla, with 154 steps, is just halfan-hour further west down the coast and parking is EUR3.
the Great Dune of Pyla on France's Atlantic coast is the biggest dune north of the Sahara The harbour at St Jean de Luz, just over the French border from Spain
One such monster, the Dune du Pyla, has already grown so much it has swallowed a road and an entire hotel and is well worth a visit.
So far, six of the seven, aged 16-28 and including two women, have been arrested while the alleged ringleader Nidai Sanli is still on the run after he managed to escape police in the mixed-village of Pyla on Thursday.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Travaux de rparation des fissures sur les logements et traitement de l~vacuation des EP au CIS du Pyla.
The government considers investments in education as a primary pillar for social and economic development and supports in every way, within its potentials, both the universities and graduate and postgraduate students, President Nicos Anastsaiades said during the UCLan Cyprus university inauguration ceremony in Pyla.
CORKER: With vineyard owner Daniel Reclus COFFEE MATES: Make time to relax in one of the delightful squares GOLDEN WONDER: Prepare to scale the towering Dune de Pyla TIMELESS SCENE: Locals work in the fields as they have done for centuries GOTTA LOTTA BOTTLE: Rod looks forward to a quiet drink LOOKING GOOD: Check out the impressive riverside water mirror
I found it hard to imagine what this looked like - but then we rounded a corner and saw the enormous Dune du Pyla in front of us and realised why this was something to see.