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n.1.(Med.) Accumulation of air, or other gas, and of pus, in the pleural cavity.
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Despite a 12-day course of vancomycin and imipenem, the disease rapidly worsened, and the patient produced purulent blood-tinged sputum with new-onset bilateral pyopneumothorax [Figure 1]b and was treated with closed thoracic drainage before being transferred.{Figure 1}
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If not treated, it may cause significant complications including deep neck infection, vocal cord palsy, perforation of the oesophagus, retropharyngeal haematoma, and pyopneumothorax, and in rarer cases, it may cause death [5].
We report here a successful case of bronchial occlusion therapy using the EWS to treat pyopneumothorax associated with NTM in a patient who was undergoing treatment with biological products against rheumatoid arthritis (RA), based on our past experience.
The different treatment modalities of pyopneumothorax. A study of 50 cases.
Pyopneumothorax following suicidal kerosene ingestion.
A chest tube to drain the pleural space was inserted under sedation and local anaesthesia if any of the following were present: large pleural effusion causing symptoms (pain or tachypnoea) or mediastinal shift; turbid fluid or pus aspirated during pleurocentesis; pleural effusion associated with clinical signs of sepsis; pyopneumothorax; or effusion with persistent pyrexia (>48 hours) despite appropriate antibiotic treatment.
Pyopneumothorax is defined as a collection of pus and air in the pleural cavity.
As Aspergillus pyopneumothorax is a rare clinical entity; to our knowledge, the present case represents the first ever reported from India.
"He has pus in his lungs and chest cavity and on his right side is pyopneumothorax and that will happen because of the surroundings of the person, [it] obviously happened due to his staying [with] ten people in one room at his accommodation," the doctor said.
Patients must undergo operations in good time in order to prevent pyopneumothorax.
The patient was immediately started on colistin (1.5 mg/kg every eight hours), which was continued for the next 14 days, along with extensive CT-guided drainage of pyopneumothorax. He made a remarkable clinical recovery on day 5 of colistin treatment.