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1. A crystalline organic base, C4H4N2, having a six-member aromatic ring in which the first and fourth atoms are nitrogen and the rest are carbon.
2. Any of a group of compounds derived from or structurally related to this base. Pyrazines occur in pteridines, some vitamins, and certain dyes such as phenazine.

[German Pyrazin, blend of Pyridin, pyridine and az(o)-, azo-.]
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PZ can coordinate through the pyrazine ring nitrogen and its strong hydrogen bonding ability along with its ability to act as ligand in multiple complexes with transition metals makes it a potential candidate for the synthesis of various highly organized and distinct coordination polymers [16-19].
Moreover, it is worth noting that the HOMA aromaticity index for the pyrazine ring, 1d, of 0.985 is greater than that calculated for 2-oxo-pyrazine, 1e, of 0.591.
The structural activity relationship study of these compounds indicate that the introduction of a piperazine group of pyrazine ring and 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl) positions of the benzenesulfonyl moiety showed the best anticonvulsant activity in 7g.