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Noun1.Pyridium - analgesic (trade name Pyridium) used to treat urinary tract infections
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Pyridium pad test The patient is given Used to detect and Pyridium prior to quantify urine the pad test to loss.
Methylene blue (50 mg IV over a period of 5 minutes) appears to have been a common go-to dye for gynecologic surgeons, along with pyridium (a 200-mg oral dose prior to surgery), ever since production of indigo carmine was discontinued because of a lack of raw material.
Table 1: Substances that can cause Methemoglobinemia (4) Inorganic Agents Nitrates, fertilizers, chlorates, copper sulfates --fungicides Organic Agents Amyl Nitrate, Isobutyl Nitrite, Sodium Nitrite, Nitroglycerin, Nitroprusside, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Trinitrotoluene, Combustion products Drugs Local Anesthetics: Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Prilocaine Pyridium, Anti-malarials --Primaquine, Chloroquine, Rasburicase, Cyclophosphamide, Ifosfamide, flutamide, Acetaminophen, Acetanilid, Phenacetic, celecoxib, Zopiclone, Methlene Blue (high doses in G6PD-Deficient patients) Antibiotics: Sulfonamides, Nitrofurantoins, P-aminosalicylic acid, Dapsone Industrial/Household Agents Aniline Dyes, Nitrobenzene, naphthalene (moth balls), aminophenol, nitroethane (nail polish remover)
5, Worcester, charged with assault and battery, trespassing, cocaine trafficking; possession of marijuana, drug violation near a school or park, possession of Pyridium, possession of Xanax, breaking and entering (misdemeanor) and intimidating a witness, held on $5,000 cash bail or $50,000 surety, continued to Nov.
The following diagnostic tools are established to evaluate vesicovaginal fistulas: pyridium tablets, the instillation of methylene blue solution, cystogram, vaginoscopy, urethrocystoscopy, vaginogram, (3) and even computed tomography.
The pyridium oximes are able to reactivate the phosphorylated cholinesterases.
Methemoglobinemia due to ingestion of at most three pills of pyridium in a 2-year-old: case report and review.
vinyl benzyl di-methyl dodecyl ammonium chloride (7, 8), vinyl triethoxy silane (used with cetyl pyridium chloride) (7), or vinyl benzyl di-methyl ethanol ammonium chloride (9).
The active ingredient in this product is cetyl pyridium chloride; the formulation does not contain alcohol.