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Carbonatite is associated with gossanous weathering, aegirine sovite, muscovite, phlogopite, magnetite, ilmenite, apatite, calcite, with trace amounts of pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, arfvedsonite, and zircon.
Minerals like calcite, apatite, phlogopite and magnetite are common in both carbonatite and marble; however the presence of pyrochlore can be a good indicator of carbonatite.
The fired ceramics revealed stoichiometric perfectness of the obtained compounds as well as presence of the undesired pyrochlore phase and other admixtures.
It was found that PET films have a perovskite phase with a strong (110) peak and no pyrochlore phase observed.
The inclusions partly showed an octahedral habit, and analysis with a Zeiss DSM 942 scanning electron microscope at the Institute for Gemstone Research, University of Mainz, Germany, identified them as pyrochlore, [(Ca, Na).sub.2][Nb.sub.2][(O, OH, F).sub.7].
Geometrically frustrated pyrochlore oxides containing a rare-earth ion and a transition metal ion form a network of corner-sharing tetrahedra.
"Synthesis and structure of PMN-PT ceramic nanopowder free from pyrochlore phase", Ceramics International, 35(7): 2899-2905.
The pair examined a pyrochlore, erbium titanate [[Er.sub.2][Ti.sub.2][O.sub.7]], which normally loses its magnetic qualities at just a few degrees above absolute zero.
As Figure 1 shows, the increase in the praseodymium oxide concentration in the composition was followed by an increase in the intensity of peaks (2[theta] [approximately equal to] 2[theta] and 49[degrees]) related to the [Pr.sub.2][Sn.sub.2][O.sub.7] pyrochlore phase (praseodymium stannate-JCPDF 13-0184).
Nazar, "Synthesis of a metallic mesoporous pyrochlore as a catalyst for lithium-[O.sub.2] batteries," Nature Chemistry, vol.
The reported electrochemical methods including graphite pencil electrode [20], nafion-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore modified glassy carbon electrode [21], multwalled carbon nanotube and nafion modified glassy carbon electrode [22], carbon fiber ultra-microelectrode [23, 24], nafion and graphene oxide modified glassy carbon electrode [11], and benzoquinone modified carbon paste electrode [3].