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In this study, scientists investigated cation diffusion mediated by defects in the pyrochlore gadolinium titanium oxide (Gd2Ti2O7).
The fired ceramics revealed stoichiometric perfectness of the obtained compounds as well as presence of the undesired pyrochlore phase and other admixtures.
The inclusions partly showed an octahedral habit, and analysis with a Zeiss DSM 942 scanning electron microscope at the Institute for Gemstone Research, University of Mainz, Germany, identified them as pyrochlore, [(Ca, Na).
Geometrically frustrated pyrochlore oxides containing a rare-earth ion and a transition metal ion form a network of corner-sharing tetrahedra.
Synthesis and structure of PMN-PT ceramic nanopowder free from pyrochlore phase", Ceramics International, 35(7): 2899-2905.
The pair examined a pyrochlore, erbium titanate [[Er.
The underground mine is North America's only source of pyrochlore, the primary niobium ore, and one of only three major producers of niobium in the world.
Attributes/comments: Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellow is a new class of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) under Pigment Yellow 227 that breaks that compromise with excellent durability, high opacity and bright clean yellow color.
The energy spectra for a large number of NORM samples were measured, including: slate, cat litter, ice melt, roofing tiles, hay, coal, fertilizer, Australian zircon sand, diammonium phosphate (DAP), ISG Pye, CEMEX type FC, monocalcium phosphate (biofos), allanite, monazite, pyrochlore and zircon.
Gingras, "Spin ice state in frustrated magnetic pyrochlore materials," Science, Vol.