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The sugary cumulus were glowering now, erupting into the lower atmosphere like volcanic pyroclast. DeFlitch parked the truck at an exit along Interstate 35, the storm's dusk off to the west.
b.--The crystalline lamproitic dome of the volcano is surrounded by a ring constituted by the phreatomagmatic-effusive complex, composed by contact breccia, phreatomagmatic breccia (with pyroclast ash, lapilli and bombs, and white carbonate clasts from the host rock) and lava interlayers (massive clastogenics and banded vesiculars).
These pyroclast sizes are much greater than those expected in fall deposits on Mars, thus making it potentially possible to distinguish flow and fall deposits in future, high-resolution spacecraft images of martian vents.
Burgisser, "Characterization of juvenile pyroclasts from the Kos Plateau Tuff (Aegean Arc): Insights into the eruptive dynamics of a large rhyolitic eruption," Bulletin of Volcanology, vol.
Fractal analysis of experimentally generated pyroclasts: A tool for volcanic hazard assessment.
The pyroclastic rocks are volcaniclastic rocks formed by accumulation of pyroclasts (fragments) during Mesozoic explosive eruption by Yanshan movement.