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Composed chiefly of rock fragments or particles of volcanic origin, such as pumice, obsidian, or volcanic ash.


(Geological Science) (of rocks) formed from the solid fragments ejected during a volcanic eruption


(ˌpaɪ rəˈklæs tɪk)

composed chiefly of volcanic rock fragments, as agglomerate or tuff.


adj (Geol) rockspyroklastisch; pyroclastic flowpyroklastischer Strom
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To study surface properties of the rock joints in Fusheng town, Shaoxing city, China, we measured 946 roughness profiles from the large, exposed pyroclastic rock mass by modified mechanical hand profilograph.
The 3,125m volcano also launched pyroclastic rock 400m into the air.
K10 was situated on the layer of pyroclastic rock of high porosity, 50-70 m thick.
The outcomes of the SVM method show that prospective target areas for IOCG deposits are defined mainly by vicinity to NE-SW trending faults and pyroclastic rocks (mainly tuff) and Au-Cu geochemical anomalies.
This area mainly consists of Eocene basaltic-andesite to andesitic volcanic rocks with tuff and other pyroclastic rocks with minor intercalated sedimentary lenses such as shale, gypsiferous marl, and shallow depth limestone (Aftabi and Atapour, 2000).
The main constituent rocks are holocrystalline aegirine phonolite, so-called tinguaite, nepheline syenite, and vent-filling intrusive pyroclastic rocks. The summit level map of 2 km of grid interval shows that its morphologic features are unlikely for a volcanic caldera.
& SCHMINCKE, H.-U., 1984: Pyroclastic rocks.--472 pags., Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
In addition, it is found that extrusive rocks (e.g., basalt and dacite) have much higher [kappa] compared to plutonic rocks; hypabyssal and pyroclastic rocks have relatively lower [kappa] (Table 2).
Gold mineralization within the Courageous Lake deposit is hosted in the upper part of an assemblage of Archeanage felsic pyroclastic rocks just below a transition zone to sedimentary rocks.
The Palomo mine area is composed entirely of volcanic rocks: andesitic lavas, pyroclastic rocks, tuffs and breccias.
12 Pb-Zn deposits (New Brunswick), the presence of peperites in association with pyroclastic rocks and tufflavas indicates the in situ emplacement of pyroclastic rocks (cf., Downey, 2005).