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n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The art of manufacturing or setting off fireworks. Also called pyrotechny.
2. A fireworks display.
3. A brilliant display, as of rhetoric or wit, or of virtuosity in the performing arts.

py′ro·tech′nist n.
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1. (Chemistry) (functioning as singular) the art or craft of making fireworks
2. (Theatre) (functioning as singular or plural) a firework display
3. (functioning as singular or plural) brilliance of display, as in the performance of music: keyboard pyrotechnics.
Also called: pyrotechny
ˌpyroˈtechnic, ˌpyroˈtechnical adj
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(ˌpaɪ rəˈtɛk nɪks)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
1. the art of making fireworks.
2. the use of fireworks for display, military purposes, etc.
3. a display of fireworks.
4. a brilliant or sensational display, as of rhetoric or musicianship.
Also, py′ro•tech`ny (for defs. 1,2).
py`ro•tech′nic, adj.
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pyrotechnics, pyrotechny

1. the art of making and using fireworks.
2. a brilliant and dazzling display, as of eloquence, wit, virtuosity, etc. — pyrotechnic, pyrotechnical, adj.
See also: Fireworks
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Noun1.pyrotechnics - (music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)pyrotechnics - (music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)
genius, brilliance - unusual mental ability
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
2.pyrotechnics - the craft of making fireworkspyrotechnics - the craft of making fireworks  
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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عَرْض الألعاب الناريَّه
havaî fişekçilik


[ˌpaɪərəʊˈteknɪks] NSINGpirotecnia f
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n singPyrotechnik f; (pl: = display) → Feuerwerk nt; a display of pyrotechnics (lit, fig)ein Feuerwerk nt
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[ˌpaɪrəʊˈtɛknɪks] n
a. (sg) (Phys) → pirotecnica
b. (pl, fireworks display) → spettacolo msg pirotecnico
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(pairəˈtekniks) noun plural
(a display of) fireworks.
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Five men and a woman were originally arrested in connection with alleged disorder and the use of a pyrotechnic device.
The accused also confessed to having a firearm magazine, a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, a de-activated sub-machine gun, number plates, smoke canisters and a thunder flash pyrotechnic device.
A West Midlands Ambulance spokesman said the burns and cuts were believed to have been caused by a pyrotechnic device.
A sampling of topics: simulating pedestrians in evacuation processes, the managing of the navigational safety of ships in port water areas, health monitoring of cultural heritage using ambient and forced vibrations, evaluating web information systems, increasing efficiency in airport security screening, fuel pool ignition caused by pyrotechnic device, and emergency scenarios for public commuter transportation tunnels.
The 650-g units uses a pyrotechnic device linked to the airbag sensors to extend a piston and move the headrest closer to the occupant's head in a rear collision.
Possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks or pyrotechnic device (always prohibited in national forests).
One supporter at the game wrote: "I've just seen two seats flying over the fence into the Aberdeen fans." Police said six people were arrested at the match for "disorder-related offences and the use of a pyrotechnic device".
"Middlesbrough Football Club has a zero-tolerance approach to the use of any pyrotechnic device inside the stadium or on any of its property."
As well as the weaponry, they found a silencer and a Mark 8 Thunderflash pyrotechnic device.
"Fans should remember that bringing any pyrotechnic device into a football ground is a criminal offence and I hope the result of this case sends out a clear message that we will continue to deal robustly with individuals who commit offences at football matches, including supporting the use of football banning orders."