Pythian Games

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Pythian games

A pan-Hellenic festival of athletic tournaments held every four years at Delphi in honor of the god Apollo.
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Pythian Games

pl n
(Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece) the second most important Panhellenic festival, celebrated in the third year of each Olympiad near Delphi. The four-year period between celebrations was known as a Pythiad (ˈpɪθɪˌæd)
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Pyth′ian Games′
one of the great national festivals of ancient Greece, held every four years at Delphi in honor of Apollo.
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Noun1.Pythian Games - the ancient Panhellenic celebration at Delphi held every four years in the third year of the Olympiad in honor of Apollo
agon - a festivity in ancient Greece at which competitors contended for prizes
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Everything irrational should, if possible, be excluded; or, at all events, it should lie outside the action of the play (as, in the Oedipus, the hero's ignorance as to the manner of Laius' death); not within the drama,--as in the Electra, the messenger's account of the Pythian games; or, as in the Mysians, the man who has come from Tegea to Mysia and is still speechless.
He went to many different homes with her to party, even the home of Chabrias of Aexone, when, in the archonship of Socratidas, he came first at the Pythian games with the four-horse chariot which he had bought from the sons of Mitys, the Argive, and returning from Delphi he held a victory celebration at Colias, and many there had sex with her, drunk from the wine, while Phrynion was asleep--even Chabrias's slaves who had served up the meal.
In Delphi's glory days, many visitors came to gaze upon the Delphi's wonders, but the largest crowds came for the quadrennial festival, the Pythian Games. From 582 B.C.
In addition to the six Olympic victories Milon won nine times in Nemea, ten times the Isthmos, seven times in pythian games in Delphi, and an unknown number of times in other Greek games (V.
Competition has arguably been a feature of our musical life since the Pythian Games at Delphi in the sixth century BC.
In Heliodoros' Aithiopika (2.34.2-7) the priest of Apollo at Delphi, Charikles, describes the quadrennial sacrifice ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and embassy ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (1) sent to Delphi at the time of the Pythian Games in honour of Neoptolemos, the son of Achilles, by the Thessalian Ainians who lived in Hypata and traced their descent from Hellen, the son of Deukalion.