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A Greek who rescued his friend Damon, who stood bail for Pythias when he was condemned to die.
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(Classical Myth & Legend) See Damon and Pythias
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(ˈpɪθ i əs)

a legendary Greek of ancient Syracuse, sentenced to death by the tyrant Dionysius. Compare Damon and Pythias.
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Noun1.Pythias - friend of Damon; Phintias (according to legend) was condemned to death by Dionysius the Elder and asked a respite to put his affairs in order; Damon pledged his life for the return of his friend; when Phintias returned in time the tyrant released them both (4th century BC)
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And there rises up before me all that was there foreshadowed, and I see visions of Damon and Pythias, of life-saving crews and Red Cross nurses, of martyrs and leaders of forlorn hopes, of Father Damien, and of the Christ himself, and of all the men of earth, mighty of stature, whose strength may trace back to the elemental loins of Lop-Ear and Big-Tooth and other dim denizens of the Younger World.
Such unscientific balderdash," added the doctor, flushing suddenly purple, "would have estranged Damon and Pythias."
Becky and she live together, and take care of one another in true Damon and Pythias style.
1) Who is he by voice immortal named from Pythia's rocky cell, Doer of foul deeds of bloodshed, horrors that no tongue can tell?
We will set down, however, what we have heard to have been said by the Pythia concerning Homer in the time of the most sacred Emperor Hadrian.
Tom was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Marion and was a member of the VFW, Elks and Eagles clubs, and the Knights of Pythias all of Marion, living on the "K.P." Lake for 22 years.
Contrajo matrimonio con Pythias. Posteriormente iria a Macedonia para ser tutor de Alejandro.
Therefore an earlier blend of elements from two plays, A Knack to Know an Honest Man and The Jew of Malta, together with a friendship theme drawn from De Amicitia, a treatise on friendship written by the Roman statesman Cicero, and features of Richard Edwards' older play Damon and Pythias (1564), became a literary mix that later affected Shakespearean comedy generally in the mid-1590s, ultimately influencing The Merchant of Venice (Ql 1600) "in details of location, theme and structure" (27).
During that time, Dow was also instrumental in securing a grant for an Andrew Carnegie Library to be constructed nearby, and he was involved in the remodeling of Midland's Knights of Pythias Temple to serve as city hall.
Amidst these apparently failed beginnings, Chettle completed six plays as sole recorded author: "Polyphemus/Troy's Revenge" (1599), "Damon and Pythias" (1600), "All is not Gold" and "Cardinal Wolsey" (1601), "Tobias" and Hoffman (1602).
His other honors include Supreme Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias (worldwide), and Supreme Worthy Counselor of the Order Court of Calanthe.
What these men carried from rural areas was the habit of watching out for one another, and they created what we now call social safety nets, but they called brotherhoods or simply the "lodge." At the turn of the century nearly half of American men and many women belonged to fraternal lodges with great names like Moose, Elks, Odd-Fellows, Grange, and Knights of Pythias.