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Noun1.Pythonidae - in some classifications a family separate from Boidae comprising Old World boas
reptile family - a family of reptiles
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Other species were captured in adult and larval stage: Astraptes alardus on Erythrina poeppigiana (Fabaceae), Atarnes sallei on Annona glabra (Annonaceae), Pythonides zera on Persea americana and Cinnamomun triplinerve (Lauraceae), Achlyodes pallida on Citrus spp.
X Pythonides jovianus amaryllis (Staudinger, 1876) X X Pythonides proxenus (Godm.
X X Nectar Urbannus proteus (Linnaeus, 1758) X X Nectar Urbannus dorantes (Stoll, 1790) X X Nectar Urbannus simplicius (Stoll, 1790) X X Nectar Urbannus teleus (Hubner, 1821) X X Nectar Urbannus doryssus (Herrich-Schaeffer, X 1869) Astraptes fulgerator (Walch, 1775) X X Nectar Astraptes janeira (Cramer, 1780) X Nectar Astraptes anaphus (Cramer, 1777) X Astraptes aletor (Plotz, 1881) X X Nectar Pyrginae Spathilepia clonius (Cramer, 1775) X Gorgythion begga (Pritwitz, 1868) X Quadrus conturbenalis X Pythonides jovianus (Kirby, 1871) X X Nectar Mylon lassia (Hewitson, 1868) X Xenophanes tryxus (Stoll, 1780) X Achlyodes mithradates (Hubner, 1807) X Achyloides busirus (Evans, 1953) X X Nectar Pyrgus communis (Giacomelli, 1928) X Pyrgus sp.