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(in prescriptions) each hour; every hour.
[< Latin quāque hōrā]
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The restricted diffusion arising from the percolated structures of PLAA3.6(Q1h)70 and PLAA6(Qlh)70 caused the time required for disentanglement of the chains to become longer; however, they showed a lower cold crystallization temperature than PLAA3.6(Q) and PLAA6(Q).
The rate of heat evolution of the quenched samples (PLAAi(Q1h)[T.sub.a]), during the annealing process at several temperatures, was obtained.
His physician's order for analgesia is morphine IV 1-3 mg q1h PRN pain relief.
His physician's order for analgesia is "morphine IV 1-3 mg q1h PRN pain relief." Check the action you will take at this time: -- 1) Administer no morphine at this time.