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256 QAM will add an important feature to the modernization of our LTE-Advanced network by increasing data speeds up to 30 percent without using any additional spectrum.
Cable operators worldwide have a number of bandwidth-hungry applications on tap that will drive CMTS and edge QAM channel growth throughout the year, including DOCSIS 3.
NASDAQ: MXIM) announces a new high-density, wideband, scalable QAM modulator chipset: the MAX5880 digital upconverter (DUC) and MAX5882 RF digital-to-analog converter (RF DAC).
The new CMD-EL+ has been designed to provide cable system operators with a seamless upgrade path for ensuring the most accurate measurement of QAM carriers as operators move to all-digital networks.
According to the company, APEX1500 Edge QAM is a standards-based solution with support for SDV and VOD, including Modular Headend Architecture (MHA), VOD encryption and RF port-level redundancy, in a two rack unit platform.
We are excited about our approach to asset management and are gratified that QAM recognizes the benefits it can offer advisors and the clients that they serve," said LCA CEO Robert J.
For more information about the ARRIS D5 Universal Edge QAM visit http://www.
Part II - offers a deep discourse on adaptive QAM arrangements that have found their way also into the 3G systems High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA) mode
April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ARRIS today announced availability of a new high density 'quad octal' module for its D5 Universal Edge QAM (UEQ) solution.
The most compact VOD gateway in the industry, NSG is the only solution to support eight QAM channels in a single rack unit (RU).
announces today its latest next generation access solution for its node platform, the RQ4000-series "Remote QAM.
Shah will serve as Director of Public Markets for QAM and as a Principal of Quadrangle Group.