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The smart electronic grave comes with a QR bar code that visitors can scan on their phones to access information about the late humanitarian and the lifelong services she rendered in helping out lepers.
On the issue of the sale and purchase for SIBF 2016, Al Ameri reassured that the fair will combat price manipulation by implementing a plan for the 200 participating publishing houses that uses a QR bar code reader to the official price register, through which the buyer will receive a bill with the official fixed price.
Prospective residents and current residents will be able to scan the QR bar code with their mobile devices and be directed to UDR's Web site, where they can view apartment-related digital media or receive other pertinent information.
Japan's third-generation (3G) services have won over 57 million mobile customers who actively use QR bar code readers, e-wallet-based m-commerce, mobile TV and radio, full-length CD-quality music downloads, satellite streaming, avatars, enhanced messaging and many other mobile services developed and commercialized by leading-edge Japanese carriers and their technology partners.