QWERTY keyboard

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Noun1.QWERTY keyboard - the standard typewriter keyboard; the keys for Q, W, E, R, T, and Y are the first six from the left on the top row of letter keys
typewriter keyboard - a keyboard for manually entering characters to be printed

qwerty keyboard

nQwertytastatur f
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When the QWERTY keyboard is open, the regular camera on the outer housing will be available to the user.
The differences compared to the more familiar QWERTY keyboard are these:
BlackBerry Keyboard & Trackpad The QWERTY keyboard has stood the test of time as the iconic BlackBerry feature that users know and trust.
The BlackBerry Classic, designed for speed and accuracy, features BlackBerry's iconic QWERTY keyboard, trackpad and navigation keys.
The company will initially supply two main (English language) character-set keyboard layouts, the company's own unique Optimised/Efficient keyboard together with a QWERTY keyboard version.
They claim normal users using a Qwerty keyboard on a touchscreen device were limited to typing at a rate of about 20 words per minute.
com forum user posted an image of a BlackBerry phone with QWERTY keyboard.
He pointed out the QWERTY keyboard was originally designed to slow people down and space the most used letters far apart so typewriter arms would not stick together.
Motorola EX119: Best of both worlds with a full QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touchscreen in a super-slim package
The Qwerty keyboard layout - named after the first six letters on the first row - has only been in existence since 1873.
The N800 features a full-screen QWERTY keyboard, VoIP support, an RSS news reader and a media player in a 7.
This device features a full QWERTY keyboard as well as 64 MB of flash memory for storing Word, Excel, and PDF files and more.