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Tenders are invited for Provision of Civil Works Upgrade of IMS Station IS18, Qaanaaq, Greenland (Denmark).
The expedition team will depart for Narsaq, Greenland, in the south on Friday April 12 and finish at Qaanaaq in the north.
The risky five-day helicopter expedition, dubbed "Petermish", departed from Qaanaaq, the northernmost non-military permanent settlement in the world.
In February 2006, scientists associated with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk interviewed 72 experienced polar bear hunters in the Qaanaaq and Upernavik municipalities of Northwest Greenland.
This led to the revelation that the remote North Pole outcrop of Qaanaaq, just a clutch of tiny wooden huts set against an enormous, unforgiving swath of frozen white, somehow had a massive, strip-lighted supermarket.
In 1998, I became fast friends with Ussarqak Qujaukitsoq, from Qaanaaq, Greenland.
Little but the exoticism of her formal Greenland folk dress has been reported here, but she got all the way to the far northern Polar Inuit village, Qaanaaq, where her husband had made many friends during a previous stay.