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n. Judaism
A prayer recited in the daily synagogue services and by mourners after the death of a close relative.

[From Aramaic qaddiš, holy, sacred, from qədaš, to become holy, be sacred (so called after the first words of the prayer); see qdš in Semitic roots.]


n, pl Kaddishim (kæˈdɪʃɪm)
1. (Judaism) an ancient Jewish liturgical prayer largely written in Aramaic and used in various forms to separate sections of the liturgy. Mourners have the right to recite some of these in public prayer during the year after, and on the anniversary of, a death
2. (Judaism) say Kaddish to be a mourner
[C17: from Aramaic qaddīsh holy]


(ˈkɑ dɪʃ)

n., pl. kad•di•shim (kɑˈdɪʃ ɪm)
Judaism. (often cap.)
1. a liturgical prayer glorifying God that is recited during each of the daily services.
2. a form of this prayer recited by mourners.
[1605–15; < Aramaic qaddīsh holy (one)]
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