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An ancient irrigation system consisting of a tunnel dug at a very slight upward gradient into rising ground so that water from deep within the earth runs out to the surface. Qanats were developed in Persia and later adopted throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

[Persian qanāt, from Arabic qanāh, qanāt-, tube, canal, qanat; akin to Hebrew qāne and Akkadian qanû, reed; see qnw in Semitic roots.]


(Civil Engineering) an underground channel for directing irrigation water
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Qanat Quartier To get a whiff of Venice, right here in Qatar, one must visit the Venetian-style section of The Pearl-Qatar.
Also, Ashghal conducted some events in co-operation with the United Development Company (UDC) at The Pearl Qatar's Qanat Quartier where Ashghal's directors, managers and employees took part.
Another post notified motorists about a temporary closure of the right lane on the first Sas Al Nakhal bridge from Al Qanat towards Al Maqta and Musaffah.
During the first half of the year, we also sold eight land plots in Giardino Village, one of the most luxurious and promising residential areas on the Island, lying in close proximity to shops and entertainment venues adjacent to Porto Arabia, Medina Centrale, Qanat Quartier and Viva Bahriya," he added.
Water is supplied to the city through a qanat system developed to draw underground water.
He went on to say that while focusing to increase revenue streams in Q4, the primary focus of the company will be to populate Qanat Quartier's up and coming retail area with a selective mix of retailers besides other facilities.
Semsar Yazdi, a speaker on the concept of Qanat water management, and the Director of the International Center on Qanats and Historic Hydraulic Structures in Iran, explains that there are interesting facts about water management in Iran and Indonesia.
Qatar's first vegan cafe recently opened at Qanat Quartier on the Pearl Qatar, offering menu items such as ginger edamame, veggie burgers and vegan cheesecake.
Les nouveaux sites inscrits sont le paysage culturel de l'art rupestre de Zuojiang Huashan (Chine), le site archeologique Nalanda Mahavihara a Nalanda, Bihar (Inde), le qanat perse (Iran) et Nan Madol, le centre ceremoniel de la Micronesie orientale (Etats federes de Micronesie).
sic) On Friday, UNESCO cleared four sites: Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Landscape ( China), Persian Qanat ( Iran), Nan Madol ( Eastern Micronesia) and Nalanda Mahavihara ( India).
The new sites include China's Zuojiang Huashan rock art cultural landscape, Iran's ancient aqueducts known as Qanat, and India's archaeological site of Nalanda Mahavihara.
Antica Pesa offers guests beautiful views of Qanat Quartier and the Arabian Gulf, with inside or outside dining on the terraces.