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 (kŭn′də-här′, kän′-)
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Noun1.Qandahar - a city in southern AfghanistanQandahar - a city in southern Afghanistan; an important trading center
Afghanistan, Islamic State of Afghanistan - a mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south; "Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan in 1979"
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He said he and some other livestock dealers had brought Afghan sheep from Qandahar via the Chaman border but it had cost him dearly due to the excessive transportation charges and death of some animals due to hot and humid weather.
He said every single child was vaccinated at the Pak-Afghan border as 1.3 million children lives in Helmand and Qandahar province of Afghanistan who frequently visit sites across the border.
Similarly, the environmental samples from Quetta were traced back to Qandahar and the samples collected from Gadap were traced back to Quetta.
On Sunday, the trade activities were restored on Sunday after Afghan Parliamentary Elections were prorogued in Qandahar province.
Pre-poll violence continues in Afghanistan and security personnel in the Governors' House of Qandahar opened fire, killing General Abdul Raziq, one of the most powerful security official of Afghanistan.
Since there is no railway system in Afghanistan, it can be done through three phases by extending Karachi - Peshawar line to Kabul via Jalalabad or by extending Rohri - Chaman line to Speen Boldak in first phase, then to Qandahar afterwards to Hirat and then to Turkmenistan.
QANDAHAR -- A series of Taliban attacks over six hours on more than a dozen Afghan checkpoints killed 22 police and wounded 15 in the southern province of Kandahar, police said on Tuesday.
"The terrorist groups who have turned Fallujah into Qandahar will see the outcome of their crimes in the battlefield," al-Moussavi told reporters.
From Karz village in Qandahar Province, Karzai has led the powerful Popolzai tribe of Durrani Pashtuns since 1999, when his father was assassinated, allegedly by Taliban agents, in Quetta, Pakistan.
Among the topics are a survey of tables for regulating the times of prayer, universal solutions to problems of spherical astronomy from Mamluk Syria and Egypt, when the night sky over Qandahar was lit only by stars, universal horary quadrants and dials, selected early and late Islamic astrolabes, the geological data on early Islamic astronomical instruments, and the quatrefoil as decoration on astrolabe retes.
The Afghani Ministry of Interior, in a statement issued today, stated that its forces and the ISAF carried out numerous joint (clean-up) operations in Baghlan, Maidan Wardak, Nangarhar, Qandahar, Helmand and Logar provinces in the past twenty-four hours, killing thirty-six , wounding ten and arresting eleven armed Taliban militants.