Qatari riyal

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Noun1.Qatari riyal - the basic unit of money in Qatar
Qatari monetary unit - monetary unit in Qatar
dirham, Qatari dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar
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75% for deposits in Qatari riyal, Al Jana 7 offers compounded returns of 18.
Tribune News Network Doha Keeping the exchange rate of Qatari riyal stable despite foreign attempts to undermine its value is one of the biggest achievements of the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) this year, Governor HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud al Thani said in Doha on Tuesday.
The banks and exchange houses are quoting Qatari riyal below the peg, charging 3.
20 (BNA): The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has confirmed that it had not issued any instruction to financial and exchange institutions operating in the Kingdom calling for suspension of dealing in Qatari Riyal since severing ties with Qatar on June 5.
Qatari riyal as an 'undesired' currency As the crisis seemed to take more time after it entered its second month in July, UK's Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Thomas Exchange Global, Travelex, all reported to have halted dealing with Qatari riyal for a short period of time.
While the Qatari riyal has been officially pegged at $3.
A spokesman for Tesco Bank, owned by British retail group Tesco, said its clients could no longer buy or sell Qatari riyal at its branches.
According to Reuters, the current exchange rate between US Dollars and Qatari Riyal is at its lowest point since June 2016.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) denied issuing any instructions to banks operating in the local market to stop dealing in Qatari riyal.
At the AGM, CBQ shareholders approved the issuance of a global programme for the issue of certificates of deposit, US and European commercial paper in different currencies provided that they are issued directly by the bank, or a fully owned subsidiary of the Company (an existing SPV) or through the incorporation of a new special purpose vehicle (the new SPV) (in the last two options, guaranteed by the bank) up to a maximum amount outstanding at any one time of $5 billion or its equivalent in Qatari riyal with maximum maturity of up to five years for any of the abovementioned issues either through regular markets or in the form of a private placement
The offer, which is valid till November 20, offers special rates with no fees on remittances in five GCC currencies - Saudi Riyal, Omani Riyal, Bahraini Dinar, Kuwaiti Dinar and Qatari Riyal.
The most important achievements of QCB during the last period, he said, included the successful realisation of its objectives, especially maintaining financial and banking stability and keeping exchange rate of the Qatari riyal stable despite attempts by the siege countries to destabilise the financial and banking system and manipulate the exchange rate of Qatari riyal.