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(French kɛrwɑ̃) ,




(Placename) a city in NE Tunisia: one of the holy cities of Islam; pilgrimage and trading centre. Pop: 124 000 (2005 est)


or Kair•wan

(kɛrˈwɑn, kaɪər-)

a city in NE Tunisia: a holy city of Islam. 72,254.
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Retal has implemented a number of projects including Ewan Qayrawan in Sharqia.
Due to the difficulty involved in governing distant North Africa, the Abbasid government allowed a local governor, Ibrahim ibn al-Aghlab, to rise to power and establish a semi-autonomous dynasty based in Qayrawan (in modern Tunisia) in 799 that nominally accepted Abbasid overlordship.
Ewan Al Qayrawan Fund is another important addition to the range of products and funds that Swicorp carefully selects to satisfy the varied demands of its clients and investors." Under the structured plan, the fund will return the money to investors by end of 2016 and start of 2017.
Likewise a group called Shabab al-Taw id, which is potentially linked to the Tunisian An ar al-Shari'a, endorsed an initiative that it called Imarat al-Qayrawan: Tunis al-islamiya, or the Emirate of Qayrawan (the historical name of the area in which Tunisia is now located).
In an early section, in the context of the conquest of Sicily by the Aghlabid princes in Qayrawan, Chiarelli presents Asad as a political threat to the Qayrawani court (p.
(17) Tras el asesinato en Sevilla del vali Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa ibn Nusair, casado con Egilona, viuda de Rodrigo en un intento para atraer a la nobleza visigoda, y mientras llegaba desde Qayrawan (Ifriqiya, Tunez) el nombramiento de un nuevo gobernador, Ayyub b.
He also visited Al Qayrawan and Al Farabi Intermediate Schools and was informed on the learning process, calling for the need to increase student-oriented functions at schools.
The four age-group winning schools were Amena Bint Wahab Primary Girls School - Junior (6-9 years of age); Um Al Qoora Primary Intermediate Girls School - Junior Primary (10-12 years); Intermediate (13-15 years) - Al Qayrawan Intermediate Girls School; and Secondary (16-18 years of age) - Khawla Secondary Girls School.