Qilian Shan

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Qi•lian Shan

(ˈtʃiˈlyɑn ˈʃɑn)

a mountain range in W China, bordered between Qinghai and Gansu provinces.
Formerly, Nan Shan.
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et al., 1995, Partitioning of crustal slip between linked active faults in the eastern Qilian Shan, and evidence for a major seismic gap, the _Tianzhu gap', on the western Haiyuan fault, Gansu (China), Geophys.
But we had in our hands a unique piece of paper which said we could set out from Shanhaiguan on the Yellow Sea and travel all the way along the Great Wall to Jiayuguan 3,000 kilometres to the west under the Qilian Shan. Such a document had never been granted to a foreigner before.