Qiongzhou Strait

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Qiong′zhou′ Strait′

a strait between Hainan island and Leizhou peninsula. 50 mi. (81 km) long; 15 mi. (24 km) wide. Also called Hainan Strait.
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Sinopec News Network In recent days, the Qiongzhou Strait due to continuous intermittent suspended fog, but also run into the peak return car travel vehicles, over 10,000 seagoing sea landed.
More than 3,000 years ago, the ancestors of the nationality sailed across the Qiongzhou Strait and settled on the island, where they continued to develop what became their unique and distinct culture.
The new Hainan interconnection comprises four HVAC (High Voltage Alternating Current) 500 kV single core SCFF (self-contained fluid filled) cables to be laid under the Qiongzhou Strait in southern China, along a 32-km route.
China Southern Airlines said it would cancel all flights to and from the provincial capital Haikou, while ferry services and trains to the mainland across the 30-kilometer Qiongzhou Strait were also suspended, it said.
It is located in the South China Sea, separated from Guangdong's Leizhou Peninsula to the north by the shallow and narrow Qiongzhou Strait.
Train and shipping services across the Qiongzhou Strait have been suspended due to the arrival of the storm.
Thirty-two flights had been cancelled as of Tuesday morning at the Phoenix International Airport and all shipping lines across the Qiongzhou Strait located between Leizhou Peninsula in Guangdong province and Hainan Island, have been closed since Sunday night.
Since Wednesday morning, the Qiongzhou Strait between Guangdong and Hainan has been closed to shipping and at least two dozen flights in and out of Hainan's capital Haikou were canceled Thursday.
The ship, registered under the name of "Nanfang 1" in Zhanjiang city, Guangdong, has been stranded in the Qiongzhou Strait since 2:15 p.