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 (chē′chē′här′) also Tsi·tsi·har (tsē′tsē′-)
A city of northeast China in Heilongjiang province northwest of Harbin.
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(ˈtʃiːˌtʃiːˈhɑː) ,






(Placename) a city in NE China, in Heilongjiang province on the Nonni River. Pop: 1 452 000 (2005 est)
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or Chi•chi•haerh


a city in W Heilongjiang province, in NE China. 1,380,,000.
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degree in computer and application from North East Heavy Machinery College, Qiqihaer, China, the M.Eng.
Public Industrial Vegetation facilities The total pixels pixels pixels percentage City (factory (trees and (roadways (except for building) grass) and side- the sky) walks) Zhengzhou 31.27% 14.22% 16.28% 61.77% Luoyang 30.14% 16.28% 14.66% 61.08% Xuzhou 21.54% 15.14% 11.92% 48.60% Lianyungang 18.03% 27.24% 17.33% 62.50% Shenxi 23.02% 16.78% 15.17% 54.97% Shentie 26.10% 17.85% 12.02% 55.97% Harbin 22.98% 18.79% 21.08% 62.85% Daqing 19.08% 23.07% 18.35% 60.60% Qiqihaer 19.42% 19.07% 17.32% 55.81% Mean sore 23.51% 18.71% 16.02% 58.24% Table 2.
[4] Department of Psychiatry, Qiqihaer Medical University, Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang, China
In mid-September 2011, 30 corn stover samples (waxy maize) were collected from 3 maize-planting regions (n = 10 per region) in Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province, northeastern China.
cervi flukes were collected from the rumen of naturally infected cattle in Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province, China.
Firstly, we build the ontology description model of [VR.sup.4.sub.3] as follows: [VR.sup.4.sub.3] ({...}, {CNR, QiQiHaer, ...}, {...}), where the first set is TRAS, and the third set is OAS.
China Focus City (H.K.) Holdings Limited has signed a framework agreement with The People's Government of Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province, PRC, to develop an agricultural logistics platform and another designated area in Qiqihaer City.
At the beginning of this decade, several other Chinese companies installed world scale production equipment, including Huatai Paper (now collaborating with Stora Enso), Zhongshu Group (Shixian Bailu, Jilin), Black Dragon (Qiqihaer), Nanping Paper, Yueyang Paper, and Sun Paper, among others.