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or Que·be·cois  (kā′bĕ-kwä′)
Of or relating to Quebec and especially to its French-speaking inhabitants or their culture.
n. pl. Québécois or Quebecois
A native or inhabitant of Quebec, especially a French-speaking one.

[French, from Québec, Quebec.]


(French kebekwa)
n, pl -cois (-kwa)
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of the province of Quebec, esp a French-speaking one


or Que•bec•ois or Qué•bec•ois

(ˌkeɪ bɛˈkwɑ; Fr. keɪ bɛˈkwa)

n., pl. -béc•ois (-bɛˈkwɑ, -ˈkwɑz; Fr. -bɛˈkwa) adj. n.
1. a native or inhabitant of Quebec, esp. one whose native language is French.
2. of or pertaining to Quebec or its inhabitants.
[1870–75; < French; see Quebec, -ese]
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Noun1.Quebecois - a native or inhabitant of Quebec (especially one who speaks French)
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada
Adj.1.Quebecois - of or relating to Quebec (especially to the French speaking inhabitants or their culture)