all-terrain vehicle

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all-ter·rain vehicle

n. Abbr. ATV
A small, open motor vehicle having one or two seats and three or more wheels fitted with large tires, designed for use over rugged terrain.
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all′-terrain′ ve`hicle

a vehicle with treads, wheels, or both, for traversing uneven terrain as well as roads. Abbr.: ATV
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all-terrain vehicle

[ˌɔːltəˌreɪnˈviːɪkl] Nvehículo m todo terreno
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(oːl) adjective, pronoun
1. the whole (of). He ate all the cake; He has spent all of his money.
2. every one (of a group) when taken together. They were all present; All men are equal.
1. entirely. all alone; dressed all in white.
2. (with the) much; even. Your low pay is all the more reason to find a new job; I feel all the better for a shower.
ˌall-ˈclear noun
(usually with the) a signal or formal statement that a time of danger etc is over. They sounded the all-clear after the air-raid.
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using the greatest effort possible. an all-out attempt.
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ˌall-ˈrounder noun
a person who is good at many kinds of work, sport etc.
all-terrain vehicle (ˌoːl təˈrein ˈviːəkl) noun
(also ATV) a small vehicle, looking like a small tractor, that can travel fast on rough ground.
all along
the whole time (that something was happening). I knew the answer all along.
all at once
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in all
in total, when everything is added up. I spent three hours in all waiting for buses last week.

Write all right (not alright).
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During a search in a quadbike that was parked there, officers found a bag with 199 firecrackers which belonged to a 16-year-old.
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Suitably reassured, I find myself riding an ATV (that's a quadbike to you and me) along the edge of the park.
The Little Mix singer, who just turned 22, posted a picture of her at the handlebars of a quadbike, captioned 'happy birthday to me.'
Keighley, who is on the mend after breaking his left collarbone in three places and fracturing several ribs in a quadbike accident earlier this month, says: "Annacotty won a Grade 1 novice chase at Kempton over three miles last season when they went a strong gallop all the way, and the trip will suit him because he stays well.
The thieves stole a trailer from inside the stables and used it to make off with a number of items including a red and white Honda quadbike, a blue and white Honda quadbike, a Makita drill, a Stihl saw, a PeeWee 50cc mini motorbike, a strimmer, drill and chainsaw.
We also organise several fun events such as adventure camps and quadbike contests here to rev up the fun quotient," says Chopra, son of Gobindar Singh Chopra, a name to reckon with in the hospitality industry.