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also quad·ri·phon·ic  (kwŏd′rə-fŏn′ĭk)
Of or for a four-channel sound system in which speakers are positioned at all four corners of the listening space, reproducing signals that are independent of each other.

qua·draph′o·ny (kwŏ-drăf′ə-nē) n.


or quad•ri•phon•ic

(ˌkwɒd rəˈfɒn ɪk)

of or pertaining to the recording, reproduction, or transmission of sound by means of four channels instead of two; four-channel.
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Adj.1.quadraphonic - of or relating to quadraphony; "his quadraphonic sound system"


[ˌkwɒdrəˈfɒnɪk] ADJcuatrifónico


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And in the centre of the hall, there's a curtained-off area where you can listen to some of the band's greatest hits in quadraphonic sound.
His world famous Desert Trip in 2016 featured the biggest quadraphonic sound system ever built and his latest tour promises to be just as good, with new technology to create a truly jaw-dropping spectacle.
For the effect of horses bounding across the landscape, Zalewski's plan for the one effect necessitated that the theatre purchase a quadraphonic sound system.
I myself worked on it for a long time and tried out what quadraphonic sound, which at the time was being introduced in Europe, could do.
Hosted, of course, by legendary prog-rock band Yes, the day-into-night Yestival will be presented, in full quadraphonic sound, on Saturday, Aug.
POSTREL (1990) partly attributes the failure of quadraphonic sound in the 1970s to competing standards.
The Roger Waters concerts will utilize elaborate large-scale video projections and theatrical staging to underscore and accentuate the power of the music which is delivered via a state-of-the-art 3600 quadraphonic sound system immersing the audience in a 3-dimensional hyperworld.
Yes, this year's Australian Pink Floyd Show will see the debut of new quadraphonic sound system and 3D stereographic technology - including 3D glasses for every audience member.
This theatre tour will see the debut of their new quadraphonic sound system and represents the first time ever that a live music production has used 3D stereographic technology - an innovative new device that creates a stunning spherical light show.
This theatre tour will see the debut of the new quadraphonic sound system and represents the first time ever that a live music production has used 3D stereographic technology.
The story itself connects with its audience by appearing inside your head in the mental equivalent of 3-D widescreen with quadraphonic sound! Then there is the character of Valter, a dwarf with an exceptionally nasty line in torture and execution, who weaves his way through the plot in a way which is a little bit reminiscent of Gollum.