Quadrate bone

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(Anat.) a bone between the base of the lower jaw and the skull in most vertebrates below the mammals. In reptiles and birds it articulates the lower jaw with the skull; in mammals it is represented by the malleus or incus.

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This presumption is supported by the fact that snakes have neither tympanum nor eustachian tube, and the stapes whose proximal end rests in the vestibular window and its distal end attached to the quadrate bone on which the lower jaw swings (Young, 2003; Friedel et al., 2008; Scanferla and Bhullar, 2014; Dowling, 2015) and that scientific evidence of snakes responding to sound is rare.
The quadrate bone is located in a central region of the skull and interconnects the palate, the skull and the mandible, playing a fundamental role in the cranial kinetics.
(13) Vibrations of a tympanum (recent evidence suggests that the tympanum was supported by the reflected lamina of the angular bone) were conducted through the articular bone in the lower jaw, through the quadrate bone in the upper jaw, through the stapes, and into the uric capsule.