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n.1.A square piece of turf or peat.
2.A square brick, tile, or the like.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This difference may be related to adolescents being motivated more so than adults-by social factors (Gibbons, Houlihan, & Gerrard, 2009; Lau, Quadrel, & Hartman, 1990), due to immature executive functions(Hall, Fong, Epp, & Elias, 2008).
After being filled, the bottles pass through a pressure-sensitive labeler from Quadrel Labeling Systems that has two label unwind stands.
The link between risk and optimism has often been studied in economics (Bougheas, 2002; Ucbasaran, Westhead, Wright, & Flores, 2010), sociology (Peretti-Watel, 2005; Spire & Peretti-Watel, 2008) and psychology (Quadrel, Fischhoff, & Davis, 1993; van der Velde, van der Pligt, & Hooykaas, 1994; Weinstein, Marcus, & Moser, 2005).
Because health beliefs can have a significant impact on health behaviors (Rosenstock, Strecher and Becker 1984; Lau, Quadrel, and Hartman, 1990) this lack of knowledge may hamper public health efforts to encourage vaccination.
Quadrel and colleagues' (1993) sample tested both adults and adolescents, finding that adults and their children believed the adults were less prone to a variety of risks.
Quadrel's Versaline offers new standards for pressure-sensitive labeling applications which include an advanced product alignment system eliminating the need for costly change parts.
Quadrel Labeling Systems, 7670 Jenther Drive, Mentor, OH 44060.
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