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n.1.A square piece of turf or peat.
2.A square brick, tile, or the like.
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Strouse also utilizes equipment from Delta ModTech, Dusenbery, Pace, Preco, Allied Gear, Aquaflex, Siat, VanderStahl, Quadrel, Atom, Quick Pouch, Ram Optical, PC Industries and Web Techniques.
Quadrel and colleagues' (1993) sample tested both adults and adolescents, finding that adults and their children believed the adults were less prone to a variety of risks.
Quadrel Labeling Systems, 7670 Jenther Drive, Mentor, OH 44060.
Fischhoff, Baruch, Marilyn Jacobs Quadrel, Mark Kamlet, George Loewenstein, Robyn Dawes, Paul Fischbeck, Steven Klepper, Jonathan LeLand, and Patrck Stroh.
These results support a recent study by Quadrel et al.
Specialized services include The Nicholas Quadrel Healthy Heart Center for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, the Wound Care Center, the Joint Replacement Center, and Care Connection, a long-term care unit (Kindred Hospital Rahway).