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(Linguistics) a four-syllable word
(Linguistics) (of a word) having four syllables


(ˈkwɒd rəˌsɪl ə bəl)

a word of four syllables.
quad`ri•syl•lab′ic (-sɪˈlæb ɪk) adj.
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Considering the class of body terms, we find the more general or semantically "unmarked" words, such as inataq 'eye,' kami 'hand,' tulaakng 'bone,' or kelingaq 'ear,' tending to simple disyllabism (or trisyllables), while semantically marked words, such as kelebamaakng 'scapula, shoulder blade,' kelepisikng 'temples, ' kereranum 'amniotic fluids, waters, ' or kerepuruq 'skullcap,' are quadrisyllable words containing the prefix *kali-.
19) The final quadrisyllable line of the first tercet ends, for instance, with a weakly punctuated, enjambed adverbial clause: "Au grand soupirail qui s'allume / leur culs en rond.
If we exclude articles, prepositions and conjunctions, out of a total of 25 words we have 13 polysyllabic words: 6 trisyllables, 5 quadrisyllables and even 2 pentasyllables.