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1. A quadcopter.
2. A VTOL aircraft having four rotors that tilt up to provide lift for takeoff and can then be tilted forward for propulsion while in flight.

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The custom nature of the U-M quadrotor gives them an edge, team members say.
The 80 papers consider such topics as combining color constancy and gamma correction for image enhancement, haptic guidance using primitives for executing virtual robotic tasks, a neighborhood hybrid structure for optimizing mechanical properties of a microalloyed steel based on its chemical composition, the robust fractional digital control of a first-order plus integrator process, an experimental platform of a physical model for a quadrotor helicopter, a simulation model to solve the forward problem in acoustic reflectometry, and three basic geometries of rings containing microstrip antennas.
The test vehicle is a quadrotor, a commercially available flying machine about the size of a card table with four helicopter rotors.
A technological marvel, smaller quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are already operating in unison with nominal autonomy.
The QBall-X4 is a quadrotor helicopter design with four motors and speed controllers fitted with 10-inch propellers.
The quadcopter or quadrotor helicopter is a multicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors.
For this purpose quadrotor was chosen as a best platform (Albers et al.
Blogs such as "Building a Quadrotor Helicopter" on NI Developer Zone Community can literally step you through design techniques, control theory and parts lists for building your own UAV to take flight.
The Quadrotor XBOX Live Avatar Prop or the PS3 Dynamic Theme.
Sheriff's agencies are poised to use the Lockheed Martin Indago quadrotor small unmanned aerial system (UAS) to perform search and rescue operations as part of the Project Lifesaver International (PLI) program that supports clients with autism, Down syndrome and dementia.
UAS Drone manufactures and sells quadrotor drones specifically designed for police departments, private security, first responders and other customers in the public and private sector.
Any kind of quadrotor that's out there, you can just plug it into the autopilot, and it will work out of the box," he said.