Quality binding

a kind of worsted tape used in Scotland for binding carpets, and the like.

See also: Quality

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is a solid book too, with quality binding and a reinforced orange textile spine.
The rich look and texture of the quality binding, add a touch of worship and reverence giving a sense of anticipation of the spiritual experience ahead for the reader.
Highly entertaining and a recommended addition to summer reading lists, "The Truth Be Told" will make a popular addition to community library fiction collections and is available in a library quality binding edition (Christian Mystery Series: Large Print (9781628991420, $34.95).
Binding.com continues to provide an expansive inventory of the finest commercial quality binding machines, office equipment, laminators, and binding supplies.
Even the first physical impression, the physical structure of the book itself - its glossy pages and high quality binding - is designed to impress the reader.
The high quality binding lies flat so readers can take notes.
The new centre includes large format colour printing, large format plan copying, outputting from computer and CD ROMs and professional quality binding and document presentation.An Office World spokesman said: "In the past, the Coventry copy superstore has been well used by small businesses, students and individuals.
(It would also be helpful if, in the future, Manchester University Press would give the book a better quality binding and check more carefully for typographical errors.) But then, Wilson clearly had a bigger aim in mind than to produce an annotated mass of citations.
The high quality binding is easy to use and should last a long time.
The high quality binding lays flat, allowing readers to ponder passages with both hands free.
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