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adv.1.So as to be measurable by quantity; quantitatively.
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"The government should minimize number of forms, returns and inspection formalities, quantitively and not qualitatively, and encourage greater use of ICT.
We know quantitively there's enormous potential for future utilization," said Dr.
The awards are evaluated quantitively and qualitatively by a renowned judging panel of Arab industry experts.
"It monitors groundwater resources, quantitively and qualitatively, to assess their availability and if there is any depletion of the aquifers, using the telemetry system," he explained.
(15) Due to its high resolution and ease of sample preparation, AFM is considered a superior research tool to quantitively measure the surface roughness of orthodontic materials.
After complete feather degradation, culture broths of each keratinolytic strains were centrifuged and cell free extract was quantitively assessed for keratinase production by running a standard enzyme assay for proteases.