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v. i.1.To quaver.
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In particular, the chapter "Quap, Ivory and Insect Empires" offers up a wealth of interesting insights about the ways in which Conrad's influence can be detected in somewhat lesser-read works by Wells such as the novel Tono-Bungay and the short story "The Empire of the Ants." Even though Wells was the more openly revered writer by early modernists like Conrad and James, here we see Wells couldn't help but assimilate some imagery, language, and themes from devotees like Conrad.
We want toclosely with the Scotland work clo BMA t arrangement that takeworkloads and meets Scottish patients." to agree an takes account of the needs of Dr Alan McDevitt, Scottish General P of the BMA's Practitioners Committee, said: "It he Scottish G recognise the worklofacing general p acknowledge GPs stable financial from which delive quap It is helpful Government workload pressures practice and need a more environment to continue delivering highquality care to patients."
"Nay!" quap pe king, "pat nouzt herd A sori couple of [??]ou it were, For laou art lene, rowe & blac, & sche is louesum, wip-outen lac: A loplich ping it were, forpi, To sen hir in pi compayni." (457-62) This objection is an aesthetic one: imagining the spectacle that their union would create, the Fairy King finds Heurodis and Orfeo a mismatched pair.