Quarter face

in fine arts, portrait painting, etc., a face turned away so that but one quarter is visible.

See also: Quarter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"With our country's future in the balance, I really want to see young people get on the register - over a quarter face being denied their say at the election.
Five of the ageing robbers behind the Easter 2015 ransacking of 73 boxes in London's jewellery quarter face confiscation orders.
and tonight a quarter face the slaughter as The X Factor brutally culls no fewer than four of its weeping wannabes.
What a scandal it is then, that nearly half of those charities will be closing a service and nearly a quarter face closing down all together as their resources dry up.
The study found that 43 percent of personal support workers endure physical violence at work on a daily basis, while another quarter face such violence every week.
Research from Shelter shows a quarter face a bleak choice of either missing their rent or mortgage payments, or cutting back on heating and winter clothing.
One in 10 over-65s will spend more than pounds 100,000 on care, while a quarter face bills of over pounds 50,000 and another quarter have no significant costs at all.
From its vantage point in space, IBEX sees about half of the Moon - one quarter of it is dark and faces the nightside (away from the Sun), while the other quarter faces the dayside (toward the Sun).
The company noted that fiscal fourth quarter faces a comparative challenge since the fourth quarter last year included an extra week.
Character of this kind is difficult to produce on a drawing board and the Quarter faces the potential of an exciting future as a design/art district of note on the British tourist trail.