Quarter gunner

(Naut.) a petty officer who assists the gunner.

See also: Quarter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Well, I mean to give your watch liberty today, so you may get ready as soon all you please, and go; but understand this, I am going to give you liberty because I suppose you would growl like so many old quarter gunners if I didn't; at the same time, if you'll take my advice, every mother's son of you will stay aboard and keep out of the way of the bloody cannibals altogether.
Plucked from the obscurity of history are, for example, 34-year-old Richard Nicholson, from Blyth, on Bellerophon; Benjamin Hopper, 30, from Etal in Northumberland, on Colossus; 17-year-old James Blake, of Newcastle, on Leviathan; quarter gunner John Dobson, 29, from Longhorsley in Northumberland, on Prince; quarter gunner James Graydon, 21, of East Rainton, on Royal Sovereign and 53-year-old George Ireland, of North Shields, on Victory.
Call 023 9282 6682.: Welshmen who joined Nelson's Navy:Name: James Boundy Age on joining: 28 Birthplace: Llandaff, Cardiff Ship: Minotaur Rank: Landsman Joined ship: May 22, 1803 Died: December 23, 1810 Name: John Thomas Age at battle: 33 Birthplace: Carmarthen Ship: Britannia Rank: Private Royal Marine Joined ship: March 30, 1805 Height: 5ft 4in Eye colour: Grey Hair: Dark brown Name: James Rosser Age on joining: 51 Birthplace: Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire Ship: Defiance Rank: Quarter gunner Joined ship: August 10,1803